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Parent’s Cannot Avoid Snow

Apparently mother nature missed the memo this year (or went on a serious bender.) Good ol K-town ended up with a dump of snow this weekend, I’m sure some of you are thinking “well it is that time of year, … Continue reading

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Where To Go? What To Do?

Yesterday was like looking into the near future as terrible two syndrome reared its ugly head, not only in my child but in my best friends little girl as well (or maybe there’s a full moon on the way?) Either … Continue reading

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Bundling Up On Those Cold Days

Unfortunately we ended up with a cold snap here, lowering our temperatures down to -19 today, in any other situation I would crank the heat in the house and stay home but today VanityMom has a very important doctors appointment … Continue reading

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Let It Snow… Let It Snow… Let It “NOOOOO”

We had our last snowfall last week, luckily we ended up with a warm current so its all gone now, but the first night it snowed I couldn’t help but feel happy and anxious to get my little guy out … Continue reading

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