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Dear Parents; There Are Still Good People Out There.

Dear Parents, There are still people out there who care about your kids and want what is best for them. People who are genuinely kind to other people (and younger people) because that’s simply who they are. I was put … Continue reading

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Some Kids Suck

We all want to protect our children from the evil of the world, we want to keep them hidden in the clutches of our hearts where they never have to deal with bullies or the reality of that bad things … Continue reading

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That Kid…

So I got a lovely email sent to me by my child’s teacher. She informed me that a mother came forward whom was concerned because my child was talking about zombies and scary clowns and had scared her child and … Continue reading

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Sending Out Prayers

Today/night I’ll be sending my prayers out to those of Sandy Hill Elementary school. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the grief nor devastation of those parents who have lost a child, I’m sure it to be even more painful … Continue reading

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Venting About Ignoramuses Without Kids

I think one of the top things that annoy parents when they have kids are the people who don’t have kids… the people who have absolutely no idea what it takes in raising and looking after a child. You know … Continue reading

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No Crying Restaurants

Once upon a time dining out used to be a weekly event, heck sometimes it happened a few times a week. My husband and I would take our time, order an appie and even a dessert to share, we would … Continue reading

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Missed Friday Entry: Gone A Baptising

Yet again another missed Friday entry, this one was pretty good though. Long story short one of my best childhood friends was visiting from Amsterdam (the other side of the world) and she was having her 17 month of son … Continue reading

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