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That Kid…

So I got a lovely email sent to me by my child’s teacher. She informed me that a mother came forward whom was concerned because my child was talking about zombies and scary clowns and had scared her child and … Continue reading

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Hard Discipline

I come from an era and household of hard discipline. I was a child whom was raised by the fear of the wooden spoon and belt. My parents beat the bad out of  me, and honestly I can’t remember what … Continue reading

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Bipolar About Daycare

It’s come up that I have the opportunity (and I say opportunity for a reason) to put my son into daycare. With life forever changing, prospects of new jobs, and my grandparents who have been babysitting him getting older it’s … Continue reading

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A Note To Parents: Teach Your Kid To Wipe Their Butt Before Kindergarten

What I am about to describe is a very personal look at my work life… and unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened, in fact it happens every single year, so parents, PLEASE teach your kids this … Continue reading

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