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A True Mother’s Day Post

So my mothers day long weekend wasn’t exactly glamorous by any means. All supposed activities were cancelled and I even opted out of having my gift picked up, at the end of the day I was beyond tired and simply … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Go Away

It’s been raining lately which I hate because that means either being cooped up in the house, doing lap after lap around the stupid mall, or paying way too much money to go to a kids play place where every … Continue reading

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Get A Haircut!

Ladies… here’s a simple truth for you. Go get a haircut and you’ll feel 100 times better. Have someone take the children and sneak out and go sit and get a trim (or a whole new look entirely.) You will … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Finally Potty Trained!

So when can I say he’s officially potty trained? Is there a rule to it being so many consecutive days? So many days without accidents? Does it count if he’s not night time trained yet? I think I missed the … Continue reading

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The First Haircut

Today marked one of those childhood/parent milestones, it was decided this morning that our son’s hair was getting on the shaggy side, and after the weed whacker job I did last time I promised to never cut his hair again… … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Wish

my dearest child I will always hold you tight I shall watch over and guard you through the night I will laugh with you and watch as you play and I will help you get through the hardest of days … Continue reading

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a mother it’s that kids are unfreaking predictable! They’ll walk into a room, fall down, roll around a few times, get back up and whistle on their merry way.  Suddenly the most … Continue reading

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