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Being Active And Being Fit

It seems to be an ongoing struggle to stay fit… I won’t say active because I count being active as going up and down the stairs 20 million times a day between laundry, cleaning, making sure my child is brushing … Continue reading

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Get A Haircut!

Ladies… here’s a simple truth for you. Go get a haircut and you’ll feel 100 times better. Have someone take the children and sneak out and go sit and get a trim (or a whole new look entirely.) You will … Continue reading

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The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I once held so many delusions in my life, when I was a teenager it was that I was immortal… then when I learned that I wasn’t I accepted that fact and turned to the idea that I might as … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Boy

There always seems to be a silent battle between parents over whose the favourite, parents may not admit it but when your child prefers one over the other there’s always a congratulatory feeling in your soul, like suddenly you win … Continue reading

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