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Christmas Time For Mom’s.

Of course it’s the most wonderful time in the year… and we’ve all seen the trailers for bad mom’s. We know it. We go through it. The insomnia and anxiety that Christmas brings in brightly wrapped presents and stocking stuffers. … Continue reading

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Get A Haircut!

Ladies… here’s a simple truth for you. Go get a haircut and you’ll feel 100 times better. Have someone take the children and sneak out and go sit and get a trim (or a whole new look entirely.) You will … Continue reading

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The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I once held so many delusions in my life, when I was a teenager it was that I was immortal… then when I learned that I wasn’t I accepted that fact and turned to the idea that I might as … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Boy

There always seems to be a silent battle between parents over whose the favourite, parents may not admit it but when your child prefers one over the other there’s always a congratulatory feeling in your soul, like suddenly you win … Continue reading

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Mom Has Time To Herself

The other day something amazing happened. I dropped my son off with this great grandparents (the babysitters at the moment) they told me to go home and relax for a bit before I went to work. As I drove home … Continue reading

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Mom’s Good For One Thing

Mom’s, ever have those mornings/days where you’re pretty much good for nothing? This morning for example, my son has wanted (almost) nothing to do with me. Getting him up this morning he pushed away from my morning hugs and wanted … Continue reading

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I’m sick at the moment, I think its no more than a bad cold but still when I get sick I go all out from fever, body aches, fever, runny nose, cough. Every symptom that I can possibly get I … Continue reading

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