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Easter 2017

Happy Easter everyone! Even happier extra long weekend! So I’ve dyed the hard boiled eggs that only I’m going to eat and I’m sure half of them are going to end up in the garbage (I actually did them at … Continue reading

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You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

Christmas from an adults point of view can be a wonderful family function, a time spent catching up, pigging out, and opening gifts… where as I’m sure for a young child it can be a lot of stressful simulation which … Continue reading

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Let It Snow… Let It Snow… Let It “NOOOOO”

We had our last snowfall last week, luckily we ended up with a warm current so its all gone now, but the first night it snowed I couldn’t help but feel happy and anxious to get my little guy out … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping Is Done

I’m thrilled to announce that 1) I am feeling much better 2) that I have gotten pretty much all of the Christmas shopping done other than a quick run to the liquor store for wine. The idea of Christmas shopping … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

So we got in some Halloween “practice” the other day, there was a kids walk at a local shopping center so hubby and I took the kiddo, dressed up and all to see about collecting some candy. First thing I … Continue reading

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The Holidays

Since my husband never really celebrated many holidays while growing up its become very important to me that my child (and husband too) gets to experience the joy of them. I for one grew up in a household where Halloween … Continue reading

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