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Sometimes We Forget About Down Time

The past two weeks have been totally nuts between celebrating kiddo’s 3rd birthday (with more than one party, actually there were two of them.) We’ve also been really busy with my husband’s sister and brother in law moving to the … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law

I don’t think people fully understand Murphy’s Law until they have children, because kids LIVE by this law. The day I really need sleep because I was restless and barely got a wink the night before my child wakes up … Continue reading

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We’re Finally Getting Ahead In Potty Training!

It seems like it might have possibly finally clicked… we had a solid day of using the potty yesterday! Kiddo used it all day (other than when he went for his nap.) Today has been another awesome day where we … Continue reading

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Daredevil Bred

I swear that kids are born with a daredevil instincts or what some parents might say “curiosity.” I think its implanted from the male spectrum of things because as a female I can say I know the consequences of my … Continue reading

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