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Hard Discipline

I come from an era and household of hard discipline. I was a child whom was raised by the fear of the wooden spoon and belt. My parents beat the bad out of  me, and honestly I can’t remember what … Continue reading

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Every Parent Feels This Way Sometime (and it’s okay.)

As much as I love my son and will always love him forever and forever… there are times where I don’t exactly “like” him. At first my thought to myself was “oh man I’m a horrible parent to think such … Continue reading

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The Ends Justify The Means

As a parent I find sometimes I’ll do anything, even sabotage myself just to get a moment of peace. Tonight for example, I was making dinner and my son wanted up, when he was up he wanted to play with … Continue reading

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Missed Friday Entry: Gone A Baptising

Yet again another missed Friday entry, this one was pretty good though. Long story short one of my best childhood friends was visiting from Amsterdam (the other side of the world) and she was having her 17 month of son … Continue reading

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