Q- How old were you when you got pregnant, and how old are you now?                                                       A- I was 24 when I got pregnant (just shy of 25) I’m now 26 with a little boy who’s over 1 year.

Q- How many years have you been married?                                                                             A- 5 years, together for 8 this January.

Q- Where is your son while you’re writing this?                                                                                  A- At this moment playing with some pots and pans, he’s always busy playing while I’m writing. I find my boy is really independent for his age, I’m never online when he’s wanting mommy time.

Q- Is this your first child and are you planning on having more?                                              A- Yes he indeed is my first, my husband and I are hoping to eventually have another in a few years.

Q-Did you plan this pregnancy?                                                                                                    A- I am a planner, I strategically plan everything to a tee, and this was one of those things that was planned down to the moment it happened.

Q- So how do you know all these things? Especially beauty tips.                                             A- I learn by doing, I’ve also spent MANY years of my life researching and reading about health and beauty… and then many months (before getting pregnant) reading up on being a mom.


Anymore questions feel free to either leave a comment or send me an email at vanity_mom@hotmail.com


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