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Christmas Time For Mom’s.

Of course it’s the most wonderful time in the year… and we’ve all seen the trailers for bad mom’s. We know it. We go through it. The insomnia and anxiety that Christmas brings in brightly wrapped presents and stocking stuffers. … Continue reading

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Never leave THIS in a hot car

So we’ve all seen the Facebook video of the child being left in the hot car. It maddens you to the point of having to remind yourself it’s merely a propo video before you become an over emotional wreck at … Continue reading

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Wow It’s Been So Long!

I know right? Where did I go? What happened? Well… let’s look at what happened in life. Hubby went back to school to get training to become a heavy equipment operator. We both left our jobs that were making us … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t Win

I complain about my child’s eating habits… buy time buttery caramel popcorn in hopes of him getting some extra calories, I stock the pantry with crackers, cookies, granola bars… and when I ask him what he wants for a snack … Continue reading

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Oh The Joys Of Little Boys, Never Saw This Coming (Mom’s Now You Know.)

Now some parents might think me horrible for posting this, but this is the nitty gritty shit that parents get to deal with… this is one of those things that people who aren’t parents have no idea actually HAPPEN to … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law

I don’t think people fully understand Murphy’s Law until they have children, because kids LIVE by this law. The day I really need sleep because I was restless and barely got a wink the night before my child wakes up … Continue reading

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New Phase, What The Fresh Hell Is This?

We’re going through a stage/phase at the moment in which I really hope is done quickly. I don’t know the scientific name for it so let’s just call it the “I know what I want but I don’t really” stage. … Continue reading

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