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Those dreaded 2 year molars are making their presence known as suddenly my son won’t eat ANYTHING and has his fingers jabbed so far back into his mouth I’m in awe that he doesn’t choke himself. I was really hoping … Continue reading

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Amber Teething Necklaces

I’m not one to usually push baby products but if I find one that works in a bad situation and it ends up being life saving I have to help put the word out about it, mom helping mom’s not … Continue reading

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Teething Sucks

Another entry missed, although I’m sure once I explain every parent whose gone through this will simply nod their head as they’ve been there and done that. My son is getting his canines in, which on Friday lead to madness … Continue reading

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Yogurt Tubes = Babies Friend (and your friend too)

Every parent has gone through teething woes, and every child deals with them differently. Mine latches himself onto the nearest piece of flesh (usually vanity mommy or daddy) spreads his arms wide for a hug and then goes in for … Continue reading

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