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Christmas Time For Mom’s.

Of course it’s the most wonderful time in the year… and we’ve all seen the trailers for bad mom’s. We know it. We go through it. The insomnia and anxiety that Christmas brings in brightly wrapped presents and stocking stuffers. … Continue reading

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What Books Don’t Teach You About Little Boys (Penis Edition)

So… what baby books or even other parents don’t really teach you about little boys, in no order (or that they have directly happened to me so I can keep some innocence here.)   It begins before they’re born. Getting … Continue reading

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I have a shape therefore I am in shape?

There’s nothing more precious than having a long day and snuggling up to your child right before bed to read them a story. You’ve had an incredibly hard day and just need a moment of love from your darling child … Continue reading

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Revenge On My Teen? Not Likely.

I woke up this morning to my darling son quite literally trying to pry my eyelids open as he yelled “Good morning mommy! I’m up, time for you to get up!” I really wish I was a morning person, I … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law

I don’t think people fully understand Murphy’s Law until they have children, because kids LIVE by this law. The day I really need sleep because I was restless and barely got a wink the night before my child wakes up … Continue reading

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Nothing Creepier

So at 4:30am I roll over to the sound of something strange, I can also hear my child talking in his room over the monitor. I’m not exactly wide awake so I stumble into his room where he’s saying “garbage … Continue reading

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New Phase, What The Fresh Hell Is This?

We’re going through a stage/phase at the moment in which I really hope is done quickly. I don’t know the scientific name for it so let’s just call it the “I know what I want but I don’t really” stage. … Continue reading

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