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The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I once held so many delusions in my life, when I was a teenager it was that I was immortal… then when I learned that I wasn’t I accepted that fact and turned to the idea that I might as … Continue reading

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My Boy

Just a quick entry today as one I’m lacking anything to really write, two I have an appointment in an hour and a half and TODAY of all days my child has decided to sleep in. I’m not 100% sure … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Have Time To Shave My Legs Again?

 I actually came upon this before I was 4 months pregnant, my best friend (whom was then largely 7 months pregnant) was complaining about having a hard time shaving because her stomach was getting in the way, that moving around in … Continue reading

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Pre Pregnancy Worries

Before I even started the whole process of getting pregnant hubby and I got into the best shape ever, but with the beautiful new body, eating right and working out I started to worry. What if I lost my post … Continue reading

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