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Get A Haircut!

Ladies… here’s a simple truth for you. Go get a haircut and you’ll feel 100 times better. Have someone take the children and sneak out and go sit and get a trim (or a whole new look entirely.) You will … Continue reading

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Doing Anything With A Kid Burns More Calories

I swear you burn twice as many calories whenever you do something with your child. Monday for instance, it was a beautiful day out and I decided that it would be good for my son and myself to get out … Continue reading

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Baby Products = Beauty Products

If you’re a mom you’re stocked up on baby supplies such as Vaseline, baby shampoo, baby oil, and baby cream. A lot of moms use these items strictly on their children but never think the benefits of using these wonderful … Continue reading

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What Does Vanity Mom Do?

Too much some days… I’m not a stay at home mom, I work from home marketing and as an account manager for a local recycling company called Forever Green Recycling, so I make sure that we have ads up, put … Continue reading

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Fall Beauty Mom

Well I don’t know about all of you but autumn decided to show up the other day, it went from 28c to 24 overnight, the clear sunny skies got traded in for overcast and even though it’s still hitting high to mid … Continue reading

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Coffee… oh Lord how I LOVE my coffee now. Funny thing though, before I became pregnant I never drank it, during my pregnancy I was a good girl and stayed away from caffeine, while I was nursing I made sure to … Continue reading

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Mom Fashion, Vogue

One thing I’ve never understood is how ladies with great fashion sense seem to lose it once they become mothers, they go from sporting chique outfits to wearing sweatpants and baggy shirts. 1) Ladies, it take just as much time … Continue reading

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