About The Family

VanityMom and VanityDad

Vanity Mom- Me: I’m 33 years old, I married my sweetheart counterpart at the age of 21 and so we started our life of planning the bigger picture. I work at an elementary school and also in marketing for a local up and coming company. I freelance as a model (when I get time) and can be found blogging, drawing, at art shows, and of course doing diaper changes, feeding, and cleaning up a house that never stays clean for more than 5 minutes.

Vanity Dad- James: 34 years old, he’s a heavy equipment operator and a writer. Bad boy done up in tattoos turned relatively good. James is a model dad and husband sans the black socks being hidden in random places in the house (in the couch) and the fruit stickers being pasted on any kind of flat surface (including the remote)

The child-Dante: born 6 weeks premie this little guy hasn’t let anything in the world hold him back including heights, gates, and the word no. He’s an amazing little boy whom is a fairly “good” child. He’s slept through the night since he was roughly 4 months old and has been the sunshine on those rather cloudy days, he’s also brought about his own thunder storms in which make hurricanes look pleasant. Crazy to think he’s nearly 8 years old now.

The Vanity Grandparents: my parents are pretty well off, they’ve taught me a lot about life and society. They are stereotypical people who live the “high” life, they look nice, they own nice things and travel to nice places…

The Vanity Great Grandparents: Omi and Opi- Originally from Germany they both worked hard for their money of which they’ve passed on down the lines through their children and now to grandchildren and great-grandchild. They are the two people whom I have always been able to count on, and I love them dearly for their open-mindedness and understanding.


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