Some Kids Suck

sad.jpgWe all want to protect our children from the evil of the world, we want to keep them hidden in the clutches of our hearts where they never have to deal with bullies or the reality of that bad things can happen to good people. It’s not always possible… you’ll NEVER be able to do that. No matter how hard you try your child will learn that there are kids and people in the world that just plain suck.

My kiddo brought all his Beyblades to summer camp, I didn’t think that it was an issue, it was my classroom which I deemed to be a safe territory. He had brought ALL his Beyblades so that the other kids could play with them and nobody would be left out. Bless his little caring heart as he wants everyone to have a chance. While driving home last night he declared “oh no I left my bag of Beyblades in my cubby!” To which I simply shook my head and replied “they’ll be there in the morning.” Apparently I lied.

Upon entering the classroom he ran to his cubby and discovered the large ziplock freezer bag was not in his bin. We scoured the room and couldn’t find it. I spoke with the kids and said that if anyone had it that they could at some point leave it somewhere in the classroom, on my desk, or in one of my child’s bins and that they wouldn’t be in trouble. When the children went outside the janitor and myself did a backpack check and came up with nothing. My heart broke as we were now out around 10 Beyblades with all their accessories and pull cords.

I sent out an email to parents about the situation but said due to the event that I was going to ban Beyblades and Fidget Spinners from camp as they are the hot new toys at the moment and that I didn’t want this happening again. I also reminded them that due to having different children in the program that this sort of thing can happen and that unfortunately there’s not much that we can do about it.

My son didn’t understand, “they’re all my friends” he told me… I said sometimes these things happen… what I really wanted to say is that sometimes people act like our friends but aren’t really. The Beyblades can be replaced and will be replaced, the ban will continue through the summer. I told my son he’s lucky in a way… we can buy him new Beyblades, not all of them right away but that he’ll get a new collection. There are a lot of parents out there who can’t afford that luxury which is also why I banned them, how horrible would it be for kids to lose their favorite toy and not be able to replace it?

It’s horrible to say and think… but some kids (and some people) just plain suck.

About vanitymom

I'm here to talk about not only the joys of motherhood but also the (not so much joys) of living in a high society world that you're judged upon your looks... where I live you need to be a 7 to gain beach access, an 8 to walk around half naked in the summertime and atleast a 9 to hold your head up high. I'm Vanity Mom. I will be talking about things such as parenting (of course) beauty tips for moms, exercise, and eating healthy... all while doing this with a kid biting the hell out of your leg because he's teething.
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