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Hard Discipline

I come from an era and household of hard discipline. I was a child whom was raised by the fear of the wooden spoon and belt. My parents beat the bad out of  me, and honestly I can’t remember what … Continue reading

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Syncing With Others

Ever since my best friend moved away I’ve found it incredibly hard to get out. I think I’ve gone out all of 5 times if that with some friends. I don’t really have too many mom friends; their children are … Continue reading

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It Does Get Quieter

…it just takes a few years. Hey mom’s… don’t think that the constant child needing your full attention is going to last forever. I promise a day will come where you child is old enough and independent enough that they … Continue reading

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New Year New Vanity

So… in 2015 I became a closet alcoholic, I also began incredibly horrible food and even though I jumped on the treadmill my weekends consisted of drinking after my son went to bed. I was at a loss, even more … Continue reading

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Wow It’s Been So Long!

I know right? Where did I go? What happened? Well… let’s look at what happened in life. Hubby went back to school to get training to become a heavy equipment operator. We both left our jobs that were making us … Continue reading

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