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I Just Can’t Win

I complain about my child’s eating habits… buy time buttery caramel popcorn in hopes of him getting some extra calories, I stock the pantry with crackers, cookies, granola bars… and when I ask him what he wants for a snack … Continue reading

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Tall Tales… Just Wash Your Fruit.

I’ve found in my time being a mother it’s one thing to offer advice, it’s another to make up totally tall tales about the lesson at hand. The lesson was to wash my fruit before I give it to my … Continue reading

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Free Kindle Day For “Broken Shards Of A Masterpiece”

Hello everyone, I figured I would post this up here to help a man out (“man” being my husband.”) He recently put out a short story anthology “Broken Shards of a Masterpiece” which is free on Kindle today! The short stories are … Continue reading

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A True Mother’s Day Post

So my mothers day long weekend wasn’t exactly glamorous by any means. All supposed activities were cancelled and I even opted out of having my gift picked up, at the end of the day I was beyond tired and simply … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Forget About Down Time

The past two weeks have been totally nuts between celebrating kiddo’s 3rd birthday (with more than one party, actually there were two of them.) We’ve also been really busy with my husband’s sister and brother in law moving to the … Continue reading

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