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Party Planning Is The Pits

Well it’s that time of year again! Well, it’s 2 months away but never the less I am birthday party planning for my son and it just doesn’t get any easier with age. We’ve decided on renting a room (got … Continue reading

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Whoah What Is This? Energy? Chia Seed!

Hey all you happy parents out there! I’ve found this fantastic and fabulous new thing (that’s actually been around for centuries) and now I totally want to share it with you. I know that being a parent can make you … Continue reading

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New Phase, What The Fresh Hell Is This?

We’re going through a stage/phase at the moment in which I really hope is done quickly. I don’t know the scientific name for it so let’s just call it the “I know what I want but I don’t really” stage. … Continue reading

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Children And Valentines Day

Valentines Day is tomorrow, it’s always been a special day for me but my fondest memory was the fact that my dad always took some time to make my brother and I feel special on this day that was supposedly … Continue reading

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Language Barrier, What’s A Snack?

We’ve come to the point where my child is talking more and more each day, I think he converses more with his stuffed tiger than he does with any living person. He carries him around and asks him what he … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Finally Potty Trained!

So when can I say he’s officially potty trained? Is there a rule to it being so many consecutive days? So many days without accidents? Does it count if he’s not night time trained yet? I think I missed the … Continue reading

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