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We’re Finally Getting Ahead In Potty Training!

It seems like it might have possibly finally clicked… we had a solid day of using the potty yesterday! Kiddo used it all day (other than when he went for his nap.) Today has been another awesome day where we … Continue reading

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The Latest Task At Hand.

Where have I been and what have I been doing? The answer: The Impossible! I’m trying to reorganize the entire house which means going room by room, cleaning, sorting, and chunking out stuff we don’t need. Seems straight forward enough … Continue reading

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The First Haircut

Today marked one of those childhood/parent milestones, it was decided this morning that our son’s hair was getting on the shaggy side, and after the weed whacker job I did last time I promised to never cut his hair again… … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Wish

my dearest child I will always hold you tight I shall watch over and guard you through the night I will laugh with you and watch as you play and I will help you get through the hardest of days … Continue reading

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a mother it’s that kids are unfreaking predictable! They’ll walk into a room, fall down, roll around a few times, get back up and whistle on their merry way.  Suddenly the most … Continue reading

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It’s Keeping Me Up At Night!

I couldn’t sleep last night, and why was that? Was I having the weight of the world bear down on my mind as I sifted through “what could be situations.” No… my tossing and turning all night was spent pondering … Continue reading

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Got A Kindle? Then Get This For Free!

As most of my followers know my hubby is a fantasy writer… what I haven’t yet offically announced is that in the new year his series “Fall Of A King” is going to be traditionally published and will be re-released … Continue reading

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