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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone out there a very Happy New Year! So how does one spend it when they have a child? With other parents and their kids! Yep, that’s the plan! Tonight hubby and I are getting together with our best … Continue reading

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An “After The Holidays” Post

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, we were busy for three days straight. Yesterday was the final day of madness as the house had to be rearranged to make room for the abundance of new toys the kiddo received. … Continue reading

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Been So Busy (and Merry Christmas)

Sorry I haven’t been up to date lately, since September I’ve been incredibly busy, not just at work with coordinating dances/functions, and then my real work on top of that. September to the end of October I was busy with … Continue reading

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Sending Out Prayers

Today/night I’ll be sending my prayers out to those of Sandy Hill Elementary school. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the grief nor devastation of those parents who have lost a child, I’m sure it to be even more painful … Continue reading

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Take Out Your Frustration, Sweep, Mop, And Dust!

My house is clean, beautiful, sparkling clean! Not only am I a total OCD nut when it comes to having a clean house (I literally cannot function when it’s trashed) but I find that taking my frustrations out by physically … Continue reading

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How To Really Make Christmas Memories

This season can be totally nuts for families, if you’re like me you’re trying to get in every holiday event possible, plus work, plus Christmas shopping, and Christmas parties. A person can run themselves ragged and find themselves feeling totally … Continue reading

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The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I once held so many delusions in my life, when I was a teenager it was that I was immortal… then when I learned that I wasn’t I accepted that fact and turned to the idea that I might as … Continue reading

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