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Kids Say The Darndest Things

As we’re getting into the stage where the child is talking more I’ve noticed that kids say the weirdest crap at the most random and sometimes inappropriate times. (No wonder there was a tv show about this crap.) A few … Continue reading

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28 Is Only A Day Away :P

Tomorrow I turn 28, the only way for me to think about this is that instead of being a year older, I’m simply a day older than I was today. I’ve disliked the idea of getting older since I turned … Continue reading

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Every Parent Feels This Way Sometime (and it’s okay.)

As much as I love my son and will always love him forever and forever… there are times where I don’t exactly “like” him. At first my thought to myself was “oh man I’m a horrible parent to think such … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Rights

Parents, you need to know this now, read it, embrace it, and accept it. It is a grandmother’s right to spoil your child. We always wonder why grandma is always the favourite family member, what she magically holds up her … Continue reading

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Pure Sarcasm: Speak Only Encouragement and Support

Tonight after trying and failing to actually eat a full meal (this is a regular occurrence in my house. Mom sits down next to toddler and tries to shovel AS MUCH food in her face as she can because in … Continue reading

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Parent’s Cannot Avoid Snow

Apparently mother nature missed the memo this year (or went on a serious bender.) Good ol K-town ended up with a dump of snow this weekend, I’m sure some of you are thinking “well it is that time of year, … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just A Cold, It’s A Super Bug!

I have a super bug, not just a cold or a flu, a SUPER bug, and I’m not just talking about a 2 year old. So what can be done about this super bug? Nothing at all, you have to … Continue reading

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