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I’ve Been So Busy!!

I’ve been busy, so very busy. Between promoting hubby (then having hubby have to go to the ER for critical nosebleeds the other night. He’s okay, just VERY sore from having his face cauterized.) Then doing up another author’s website … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Boy

There always seems to be a silent battle between parents over whose the favourite, parents may not admit it but when your child prefers one over the other there’s always a congratulatory feeling in your soul, like suddenly you win … Continue reading

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Those dreaded 2 year molars are making their presence known as suddenly my son won’t eat ANYTHING and has his fingers jabbed so far back into his mouth I’m in awe that he doesn’t choke himself. I was really hoping … Continue reading

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Who Likes Free Stuff? Well Get It Here!

If you guys are just tuning in you may not know yet (but I’m sure most of you do.) My hubby is a writer whom has come out with his first instalment of his series “Fall Of A King”  this … Continue reading

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Remember To Keep It Simple

Eating frustrations can be bad enough some days but I find myself making myself MORE frustrated when I put together elaborate meals for my son and he ends up eating not even half. I was nearly in tears this morning … Continue reading

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Mom Has Time To Herself

The other day something amazing happened. I dropped my son off with this great grandparents (the babysitters at the moment) they told me to go home and relax for a bit before I went to work. As I drove home … Continue reading

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Support An Indie Author And Get Signed Merchandise

Yeah I’m totally promoting my husband here again because why not? As most of you know I also play hubby’s publicist and web “mistress” for .Well he’s put together a new project to get his 2nd book of his novella … Continue reading

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