Too Many Toys?

As a mom I never wanted to think that there was such thing as “too many toys.” From being a child whom had too many toys I never thought there was a problem with it, I was spoiled but I loved my toys, each and every one of them, but with having a toddler I have indeed learned that sometimes less is more.

The situation was that my son had this gargantuas toy box FILLED to the brim with trucks, play food, race tracks and all sorts of toy crap. The problem was that he wasn’t PLAYING with anything, he was simply pulling everything out of the toy box and leaving it out all over the place.

The horrible solution? We took away the toy box, took out his favourites and had them placed on the shelves. We went to TONS of toys to maybe 15 toys varying from his laptop, his sound books, his large fire engine, digger, and ride along truck. He also has his shopping cart, ball, trampoline and picnic table, and you know what? There’s no mess AND he’s actually playing with his toys properly.

I believe that with toddlers they get overwhelmed when there’s too much to do and play with, but by cycling toys in and out they’re always new and different without having to pull out the debit card every time they seem to start tiring from the toys they have.

About vanitymom

I'm here to talk about not only the joys of motherhood but also the (not so much joys) of living in a high society world that you're judged upon your looks... where I live you need to be a 7 to gain beach access, an 8 to walk around half naked in the summertime and atleast a 9 to hold your head up high. I'm Vanity Mom. I will be talking about things such as parenting (of course) beauty tips for moms, exercise, and eating healthy... all while doing this with a kid biting the hell out of your leg because he's teething.
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