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Growing Pains

We’ve  hit that time, its GROWTH SPURT TIME! This means my child has been eating like a little horse and then has restless nights from growing pains… so here’s a list of easy go to foods and night time woe … Continue reading

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In A Slump

At 6:30 this morning I heard the delighted squeals of my son, I rolled my eyes and wanted nothing more than to go into his room and demand an explanation of why he was up at such an ungodly hour … Continue reading

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“Just Another Phase”

And so my son has taken to “exploring” his body, it first started a few days ago where he ripped off his diaper and pressed himself up against the glass sliding door to our deck. I’m being told its natural … Continue reading

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What VanityMom Is Dealing With

Hitting (only me… like quite literally coming up to me and slapping me… and the dog) Potty Training Mess making (I clean the house and the little disaster maker follows behind me dumping everything out) Defiance (that word “no” really get … Continue reading

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Have You Seen This Toy?

So my grandmother got my son onto this annoying path of amusement when it comes to the microwave, at her house she lets him press the buttons (shows him which ones to press) to turn it on so it does … Continue reading

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Busy Promoting The Hubster

Mom’s are busy people, it seems to be a never ending quest against dirty diapers, potty training, and picking up toys. This week has been busier than the “average” as hubby ended up having his book go into print and … Continue reading

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Parental Fail

Parental fails, we all have them, and I will openly admit to mine because it was a simple fact of not thinking which I pray doesn’t alter and imbed itself into his mind where it morphs into some fear and … Continue reading

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