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New Words And Important Ones

I’ve been trying to keep a tally of all the words my son is saying and learning everyday, most of them are pretty general: up/down, on/off, yes/now. Then we have words that rather fascinate me, like garage… my husband and … Continue reading

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No Crying Restaurants

Once upon a time dining out used to be a weekly event, heck sometimes it happened a few times a week. My husband and I would take our time, order an appie and even a dessert to share, we would … Continue reading

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After Kids Re-arranging The House Never Ends

It seems that as your child grows that one is constantly re-arranging the house to better suit their child’s needs. We go from simple swing, play mat, and bassinet to a few soft toys, a larger mat, a playpen, and … Continue reading

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Remedies To Avoid Getting Sick

I currently have a sick child and a sick husband which reminds me why women are superhero’s because even when we start feeling like crap we still take care of the family which includes running provision errands for such items … Continue reading

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Girls Night Out, Then and Now

Girls night, it used to be something that happened religiously once a month. My best friend Kat and I would get dressed up to the nines and go and dance the night away, how it has changed since being a … Continue reading

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My Monster In Law

So I had my mother in law over for the past while, a lot of people think its natural to dislike your mother in law but this it a totally different “dislike”. My husband and my parents get along great, … Continue reading

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Stepped Out

My mother in law has been visiting, hence lack of updates which will hopefully resume on Wednesday once the gong show has gone home and once I have had time to breathe, focus, and pick up my sanity. Until then … Continue reading

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