Torture Tactics Part 1 The Dinner Table

Sorry for not update on Friday, I needed to take my son out to run off some energy so we got together with Aunty Kat and took the kiddo’s out to the energyplex. Blog < Sanity.

I confessed to my co-worker the other day that I allow my son to eat fast food hash browns and breakfast sandwiches (egg whites, ham, cheese, English muffin/biscuit) she told me that I shouldn’t be doing that, that if my son is hungry enough he’ll eat whatever I put in front of him and that’ll be that.

I personally don’t believe in torture tactic parenting, I mean at this stage in the game I rejoice in whatever my kid actually eats. He’s picky enough as it is, why should I try to shove food that he doesn’t want down his throat when it gets chewed up (usually spit out) and then he ends up screaming and not wanting to eat? I will not be one of those parents whom make my kid sit at the table all night because he doesn’t want to eat what the adults are having for dinner. I look at myself, there were some things that my mother made that I freaking HATED and still don’t have a taste for, I remember sitting at the table literally gagging as I tried to shovel goulash into my mouth as I cried because I hated it so much but not as much as I hated sitting at the table. Was it worth the 3 hours of fighting? Was it worth having a stressed out kid and parents? Hell no! Did I want my mom to go out of her way and cook me a steak dinner? Pfft no! A peanut butter and jam sandwich would have sufficed.

I will encourage my child to try new things, but I will be aware of what he hates (my mother still to this day forgets that I HATE butter on my sandwiches (after 15 years of making them.) So if I decide that I’m going to cook something I know my kid hates he will get an alternative, how hard is it to pour a bowl of cereal, make a hotdog, or a grilled cheese sandwich?


About vanitymom

I'm here to talk about not only the joys of motherhood but also the (not so much joys) of living in a high society world that you're judged upon your looks... where I live you need to be a 7 to gain beach access, an 8 to walk around half naked in the summertime and atleast a 9 to hold your head up high. I'm Vanity Mom. I will be talking about things such as parenting (of course) beauty tips for moms, exercise, and eating healthy... all while doing this with a kid biting the hell out of your leg because he's teething.
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