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Idea’s For Picky Eaters Part 1

I’m sure everyone with a child has gone through the “picky eating stage” as I’ve been told every child goes through it. I was indeed a “picky eater” as a child as my mother and grandmother recollect always having to … Continue reading

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It’s No Longer YOUR House, Its Your Child’s House.

You ever find that with having kids suddenly there are toys in EVERY room in your house? That your child can access every room so everything has to be childproofed, safe, happy, and that somehow your house is no longer … Continue reading

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You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

Christmas from an adults point of view can be a wonderful family function, a time spent catching up, pigging out, and opening gifts… where as I’m sure for a young child it can be a lot of stressful simulation which … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas To Everyone

Ever find yourself going a little above and beyond on holidays with things your child won’t even remember? Like buying them “special Christmas jammies” to wear on Christmas Eve? Like magically your child is going to be like “oooh these … Continue reading

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The Car Wash Meltdown

Got my car washed… was it worth it? In a word, no. It was a beautiful sun shining day out and hubby and I along with the rest of the city decided they wanted a car wash. I was so … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

Vanity Mom is having a really busy day, hopefully I’ll get an entry in later on. Gotta get gas for the car, brave Toys R Us and pick up a toy organizer (hey parents they’re on 40% off if you … Continue reading

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Do You Even PLAY With Those Toys?

I wonder if my son actually even “plays” with his toys anymore, he more or less scoots them across the floor and sees where they can end up in the house. He does this with the furniture as well which … Continue reading

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