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Happy Halloween!

So we got in some Halloween “practice” the other day, there was a kids walk at a local shopping center so hubby and I took the kiddo, dressed up and all to see about collecting some candy. First thing I … Continue reading

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The Holidays

Since my husband never really celebrated many holidays while growing up its become very important to me that my child (and husband too) gets to experience the joy of them. I for one grew up in a household where Halloween … Continue reading

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My Boy

Just a quick entry today as one I’m lacking anything to really write, two I have an appointment in an hour and a half and TODAY of all days my child has decided to sleep in. I’m not 100% sure … Continue reading

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Those Moments…

I know, I didn’t write again on Friday as I was working all day. It seems like when I have to go in during the morning and don’t get home until past 4 that an entry simply doesn’t happen. My … Continue reading

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One Of Those Days

This morning was simply one of those mornings that I didn’t want to get up, I heard my son stir in his room and prayed that he would go back to sleep, this was at 7am. He seemed to be … Continue reading

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Baby Products = Beauty Products

If you’re a mom you’re stocked up on baby supplies such as Vaseline, baby shampoo, baby oil, and baby cream. A lot of moms use these items strictly on their children but never think the benefits of using these wonderful … Continue reading

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Four Letter Words

The past month my son has become a little sponge, picking up everything that he hears and repeating it back, from duck, fish, barking back at a dog (with this I allowed him to bark for a minute and then … Continue reading

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