Big Changes, First Week Of Daycare.

I have been away for a while, my family was hit with some very hard news and it seems that big decisions and choices had to be made all around… this came of course right as I took on a second job from home doing online programming.

It was kiddo’s first official week of daycare, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are his days, daddy will be picking him up early on the days that he has early shift. I had felt wracked with guilt, suddenly I have time to myself to work in peace, which makes me feel horrible to think about “working in peace” without my child but it’s something I need to do in order to get work done. There are all of these stay at home mothers whom dote on their children, they nurture them with every bit of their very being and I was simply not able to do that because we can’t financially afford it. The first day I dropped him off I felt horrible, I busied myself with cleaning the house in an insane amount of time and then set to work. The guilt changed when I picked him up and he didn’t want to leave, it lessened when during our snuggle time before bed he told me in such an excited tone everything he had done at daycare that day, it was even better the next morning when he bounded into my room saying “mommy I get to go to daycare today!”

The way I look at it is this will do him good, I do not have the means to be able to socialize him with other children, to teach him the way he’s being taught there, to have him out and about and doing other activities, crafts, painting, story time, parks, playgrounds and still be able to work. I’m now okay with this because even in this week alone I have noticed such an improvement in his listening, that there’s a schedule to things now, a process and routine of how things are done and it’s wonderful.

So all in all, this is good. I can’t look at it that I am failing my son because I can’t be at home. He now has a safe place to go where he can interact with other children his age, where he can play and learn, where he can be challenged and still have fun, and I am now making more money to be able to secure a better future for this family.

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Revenge On My Teen? Not Likely.

tillnoonI woke up this morning to my darling son quite literally trying to pry my eyelids open as he yelled “Good morning mommy! I’m up, time for you to get up!” I really wish I was a morning person, I wish I was excited to be up as early as he is. I can’t just jump out of bed and be like “yeah let’s party with your stuffed animals, watch Thomas, and do the hokey pokey all day!” Instead I moaned, groaned, told him “mommy needs 5 more minutes” which resulted in being jumped on relentlessly as he squealed for me to get up which I did begrudgingly.

My mother tells me that I can get revenge when he’s a teenage and be up at the crack of dawn… in fact my mother did that with me… I remember 9 am and the vacuum going on downstairs as I swore under my breath and put the pillow over my head. I remember some very nasty words as she’d come into my room at 10 and start cleaning.

My thoughts on this? If I live to see him as a teenager who wants to sleep till noon, I’m damn well going to sleep till noon too because by that time I’m going to REALLY need my sleep.

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I Just Can’t Win

Black%20OliveI complain about my child’s eating habits… buy time buttery caramel popcorn in hopes of him getting some extra calories, I stock the pantry with crackers, cookies, granola bars… and when I ask him what he wants for a snack he turns to me and says “black olives” and then finishes off an entire can.

I just can’t win.

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Tall Tales… Just Wash Your Fruit.

fruitI’ve found in my time being a mother it’s one thing to offer advice, it’s another to make up totally tall tales about the lesson at hand. The lesson was to wash my fruit before I give it to my son (duh.) This was a no brainer and I always rinse my fruit whether it states that it’s been pre-washed or not.

Of course I get a certain family member telling me that she had a friend whose daughter had strawberries that weren’t washed who ended up in the ER and died because of it. With that said I’m starting to believe she knows a lot of people with dead children *rolls eyes* since this happened locally I figured there would have been a write up done about it but I’m rather sure such a thing didn’t happen.

Yes, as a parent I understand there are certain precautions that need to be taken but when offering advice it’s a little drastic to be like “I knew someone who lost a child because…” It’s stressful enough having a child that you’re only trying to do right by, adding over dramatized advice only adds to the stress.

Long story short, wash your fruit and veggies before you give them to your kids… not because they’re going to end up in the ER… but more likely because if they end up with a nasty stomach ache you’re going to be the one dealing with the nasty consequences.

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Free Kindle Day For “Broken Shards Of A Masterpiece”

shardsHello everyone, I figured I would post this up here to help a man out (“man” being my husband.”) He recently put out a short story anthology “Broken Shards of a Masterpiece” which is free on Kindle today! The short stories are pretty intense and are not at all sunshine and butterflies… is if you’re into dark stories of lust, love, life and death I totally suggest that you pick this gem up for free on kindle today!

Plus yours truly also has a feature short story in it as well (and no it’s not about kids)😉

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A True Mother’s Day Post

So my mothers day long weekend wasn’t exactly glamorous by any means. All supposed activities were cancelled and I even opted out of having my gift picked up, at the end of the day I was beyond tired and simply wanted to sit down. Why is this? Because I am a mom. Because I had a little boy who ended up with a touch of heatstroke. It began Friday night when he gave me the early gift of rein acting a scene from The Exorcist which ended up with mom wearing more puke than she ever desired, my husband cleaned up the floor (and everything else that was in range of being a vomit target) as I took him upstairs to bathe… it was a very late night. Saturday my son was less than compliant as he complained of a headache, being cold (even though it was 30c outside) and wanted to go for an early nap which in the end mom happily obliged but only got to lay down for maybe an hour.

I did get to go out dancing Saturday night as dad took the reins and held down the fort as Mr. cranky pants went to bed fairly early. After a night of coming home late and crawling into bed even later my son was up with the birds and came into the bedroom yelling “mommy” at the top of his lungs. My husband did try to allow me a little more sleep but apparently couldn’t outwit our 3 year old as he ended up back in the bedroom beckoning for me to get up. The weather wasn’t compliant with my plans to go out and enjoy a trek across some suspension bridges (especially with a 3 year old) so that was scratched off the list right away, we ended up going out for a bit with plans to grab my mother’s day gift (since I knew what I wanted and my husband agreed it would be easier if I were to just show him.) Unfortunately a little someone wasn’t exactly feeling up to par so we came home. After much whining my son wanted to go for a nap which I was happy with because I was so tired and could use the sleep, unfortunately it was all of an hour long nap (just enough time for me to fall into a good sleep to be woken up again with “MOMMY!”)

Of coursed when your child has heatstroke they want nothing to eat or drink so there was a special trip made to McDonalds for french-fries and cream soda, those were eaten in the car as mom and daddy drove around because he was finally content with eating and drinking and we didn’t want to break stride. There was much soothing as my child cried and whined in my arms that he didn’t feel well, as I coaxed him into drinking more fluids as his tears soaked my shirt. There have been many instances where he’s gotten upset because I haven’t been dead on with my mommy senses knowing exactly what he wants. I must say dinner was good even though it was simple and eaten quickly, it turned out to be the most peaceful part of the day since kiddo was on the couch watching Land Before Time.

Now here I sit, tired as heck and not looking like I had a blissful, enjoyable mother’s day… but my son is feeling better, he’s smiling and laughing now and running around which makes it all worth it, I would give a day for time anytime… because I am his mom.

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Sometimes We Forget About Down Time

downtimeThe past two weeks have been totally nuts between celebrating kiddo’s 3rd birthday (with more than one party, actually there were two of them.) We’ve also been really busy with my husband’s sister and brother in law moving to the city which was a huge move for them, and also with people coming in to visit. This has left our son most likely feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s hard not to forget that little people can become overwhelmed when there’s so much going on. Last night I was wondering why suddenly he was acting up so much at his birthday dinner, he wasn’t listening and didn’t want to sit and eat, he was all over the place being passed between uncles and friends, we took him to an arcade/mini golf afterwards where he ran himself into exhaustion. It was obvious now that I think about it, for the past two weeks we’ve been on the go constantly with absolutely no down time, he was being over stimulated and had simply had enough.

Today we had a relaxing day, we had a nice slow morning, we went over to my best friends place (who lives right beside us.) We let the kids play in the pool while mom’s got some sun, it was an easy going day where the schedule was rather loose, nap actually happened on time because by the time we got home I had a very wet and played out little boy, but he was happy.

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to forget that we ALL need down time.

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